Elevation Nation Podcast Guest Feature

I’m very grateful to have been invited as a guest “Elevator” on the Elevation Nation podcast hosted by Sam Panitch and Parker Yablon. I’m honored they decided to reach out and have me on their show. They are an excellent duo who are produce content that is motivational and relatable — would highly recommend giving them a listen. I hope through their show that some of my experiences and lessons learned provide a candid, practical, and positive message to other entrepreneurs and people trying to sort out their own career path.

AG Liber has had some very unique experiences after graduating from the University of Southern California in 2019. He started full time at VISA as a software engineer and soon quit his job after a few months to double down on a project called Banqdrop. However, and you’ll hear it in the episode, Banqdrop, as AG puts it, was a “successful flop”.

Now, AG is working on a new job at the autonomous technology company called Nuro. In just two years since graduation, AG has experienced a TON of change in his life with many ups and down. In this episode, we talk through those experiences and how he uses mental fortitude to keep going as he continues to elevate himself in the real world.

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