Y Combinator Video Bloopers

⚠️ Warning: NSFW, explicit language

These are just some of the outtakes

We did get an interview from the actual video we submitted (this one is just the funny outtakes). I put this video together for laughs and as a reminder that a lot of content that looks spontaneous was not really recorded on the first take. And although Y Combinator says to “just talk spontaneously as you would to a friend” for many people thats a lot easier said than done, especially when you’re trying to be professional.

In the end we didn’t get accepted by YC but it was a positive experience and a helpful process.

Be weary of those who try to downplay needed preparation.

Please do not recite a script written beforehand. Just talk spontaneously as you would to a friend. People delivering memorized speeches (or worse still, text read off the screen) usually come off as stupid. Unless you’re a good enough actor to fake spontaneity, you lose more in the stilted delivery than you gain from a more polished message.Y Combinator application video instruction #6

I did take the advice of not preparing or reading a script but I definitely rehearsed my key talking points as demonstrated by these many outtakes