Visa Full Time

Visa HQ Foster City

Accepted a full time offer at VISA’s HQ in the bay area. Now working on a larger team focusing on the CyberSource platform handling payments at scale.

CyberSource processes 50 million transactions per day

I’ll be working on the Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team for Merchant and Acquirer Processing Product Development (MAP-PD). I know SRE MAP-PD is quite the acronym (or initialism if you want to be technical).

Basically it means I’ll be making sure online money processing (behind the scenes) for many fortune 100 and other high volume enterprise companies run smoothly without failure. And, if there is a hiccup (incident) we are the first to know and the first respond.

In sum, we detect, investigate, and report. It’s kinda like being firefighters. Although we do respond to time-critical incidents, the goal is to prevent them through preparation. We build internal tools and work with other teams and developers (including our clients and industry partners) to encourage good “safety” practices.

Believe it or not, we also plan for expected spike events and monitor them live. That last online flash sale or limited promotion you saw — there were probably people diligently monitoring it so you could buy your concert tickets , sneakers , or My Little Pony .

Whats cool about the job is the breadth of visibility into a very large scale system. Kind of like how the human nervous system extends throughout the entire body. We have insight into all the architectural components of the system.

Glad to be on such a great team with an important responsibility. 💪

Visa Seattle Internship

For Summer 2018 I moved to Seattle to work for VISA, the premier payment technology company. I developed tools for API test automation, log parsing, and issue reporting for the Site-Reliability Engineering team. The highlight of the internship was definitely competing as a team in the hackathon and winning 2nd prize!

🏆 Winning 2nd prize at the Visa Global Hackathon